Friday, August 10, 2012

This is going to be the coolest Halloween Ever!

With the growing popularity of Pinterest this year, I have a prediction that this year people all over will be seeing the most awesome decorations ever this year at Halloween!  It took me a while to allow myself to sign up for Pinterest because I was warned how addicting it can be.  Finally my curiosity overtook me.  It is really inspiring!  I see so many great ideas that I want to try on there!  Yes, it really is addicting, and it seems you enter a time warp zone in Pinterest, so you don't notice how much time has passed while you are scrolling through hundreds of pictures of awesome stuff.

When I get out of Pinterest, I'm thinking to myself, "I gotta get to my sewing machine!  I gotta cook that recipe!  I can't wait until Halloween and Christmas!  I wanna decorate my house like that!"  Way to get the creative juices flowing.

Only I've spent all my free time looking at Pinterest rather than actually creating something.

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