Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Falling to Heaven: A review

Falling to Heaven: The Surprising Path to Happiness by James L. Ferrell gives some  perspectives on age old troubles.  I found it very useful and a good exercise of my thinking and state of mind.  It repeats the same principle of forgiveness I first read in Ferrell's book called The Peacegiver: How Christ Offers to Heal Hearts and Homes.  (That book was life-changing for me.  I wish I could give a copy of it to everyone I know.)  The basic idea is that we all sin and are all equally deserving of not being allowed to return to Heavenly Father.  Whether one sins more than another is irrelevant in the fact that we all need Christ's atonement.  We shouldn't judge or condemn others because they sin more than we do.

Falling to Heaven is written by an LDS author with some content the average LDS churchgoer would understand (including references to scripture stories from the Book of Mormon), though there are plenty of references to the Bible other Christians could relate to enough to get the idea.  It reads something like a good church talk.  It is easy to read, unlike a textbook, though by the end of the book I found it hard to give a synopsis.

This book was well worth the time I spent reading it.  I give it a four star rating.