Monday, April 23, 2012

Birthday Cake and Funeral Potatoes

April 6 was a special day this year.  It was Good Friday, the day we commemorate the death of Jesus Christ, and also His birthday.  We had funeral potatoes for an Easter celebration, and white cupcakes with white frosting to celebrate His birth.  Everybody knows we celebrate Christ's birth on December 25; most people know that's not really His birthday.  The Doctrine and Covenants chapter 20 verse 1 (D&C 20:1) tells us that God wanted His church to be reorganized on this special day, and though the language is not exactly specific, I believe it means that this is the actual day Christ was born.  So I started a tradition with my family a few years ago that I would make a white cake with white frosting (the white symbolic of His purity) or cupcakes to have a birthday party for Jesus.  We like to sing "Happy Birthday to You," and then share some of the cupcakes with our neighbors.  We still also celebrate in December.