Monday, October 31, 2011

Busy Times

I've been trying to avoid the computer a bit lately because of how much time it absorbs.  I have been super busy!  I finally finished sewing the kids' costumes in time for their school parades.  Belle's fairy costume was a great challenge since I was using small scraps of stretchy velour with no pattern.  The huge grin on her face and the way she sacheted around when she tried it on the first time made it all worth it!
I'll try to get some pictures up soon.

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Christmas Cards In October

I recently saw a store ad for a sale on Christmas cards.  I though it was crazy at first, but then it dawned on me that it is actually a really good idea to get started early and have them all done and ready.  Some years in December I get so busy that my cards don't get finished and sent out.  If I signed and addressed all the cards in October and November, stick on a "forever" stamp, I could have them waiting and ready to drop in the mail at just the right time in December.  Brilliant.  I already have the cards since I bought them at last year's clearance sale.  I do like to put in a family photo, so that is something else to be thinking about getting done early.  Ritz photo has 3x5s for 7 cents every Wednesday I think. 

Lets see if I actually do it.  I'm still sewing Halloween costumes at this point, (but I am proud to say I have a considerable portion of my Christmas shopping done already!)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Maze Runner: A Review

Yesterday I finished reading The Maze Runner by James Dashner.  It is a sci-fi book for teens, the first of a trilogy.  I'm giving it a 2 star rating, but let me explain.  James Dashner obviously has a great writing talent.  The book was very well written with plenty of mystery and excitement.  It had that blasted sentence or paragraph at the end of each chapter that makes it impossible to close the book and move on with real life.  It was a gripping story, and I was guilty of letting my chores go a bit too much.  But as well as it was written, I simply did not like the story.  Thomas is a teenager who gets deposited into a community of boys who've all had their memories wiped.  They are trapped in an artificial world where their only hope of escape is through a maze that changes daily and where giant slug robots try to hurt and kill the "Runners" of the maze.  It wasn't pleasant.  I don't enjoy reading for hours about young men being tormented and traumatized.  The end of the book didn't resolve the feeling of angst I had for Thomas and his friends.  I don't intend to read two more books full of this stressful stuff to try and find a happy ending.  Dashner also included his own made-up curse words which are generously slathered throughout the book.  That bugged me.  If you like blood and horror, then this book is great for you, but it's not my thing.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I received this link in an email to day.  It is an uplifting song with 6 1/2 minutes of gorgeous images of the earth.  Have a look for a spiritual boost.