Saturday, November 12, 2011

Smartphone Safety Risk

I got a forwarded email today with a link in it to a news story about how it is dangerous to post pictures online from your Smartphone.  The GPS technology in the phone adds information to the pictures that tells the exact location the picture was taken.  So a predator could find out where you live, etc.  You can disable the function that does it to make your pictures safe.  Here's the link to the news story:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Costumes

This is Sweetheart's special request.  He wanted to be a dog (I think because his Pillow Pet was on his mind when the costume conversation came up).  I made him a thick polar fleece jogging suit and sewed a tail on the rear and pinned ears on the hood.  It's a simple costume, but it's just what he wanted.  No make-up because "That would be too weird."

 Belle walked in her parade with her arms behind her flapping her wings.  That made me laugh.
 They were so excited to get out the door and trick-or-treat that they didn't bother to put on socks.  They both regretted it later.  The weather was so nice that I left without a jacket (and also regretted that later).  The next morning it rained and snowed.

Notice Belle's white jack-o-lantern missing its two front teeth.